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Hydrant Meter Monthly Readings

  1. Instructions

    Please follow the below instructions when filling out this form: 1.) Please read from the left to the right including the stationary “0’s”. 2.) Meter readings must be received by the tenth (10th) of each month, accompanied with a picture of hydrant meter reading for verification. 3.) If you have any questions, please call Maria at (505) 891-5250 or e-mail

  2. Meter Information:

  3. Meter Information - Read Numbers in White on Left side of Decimal ONLY.

  4. Note: If you do not turn in your readings by the tenth (10th) of each month, your permit may be revoked and you will be charged an estimated usage. If you experience any problems with your hydrant meter, please return it to our office and a replacement meter will be given to you.

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