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Grab & Go Book Bags: Ages 13-19

  1. Do you miss browsing the library shelves for great books? We're here to help! Tell us about what you're looking for and our librarians will personally select up to 6 books for you to check out.

  2. This form is for teens ages 13-19. To request books for another age group, use one of the forms below.

  3. When your book bundle is ready, we will call you to schedule a pickup appointment.

  4. You will use this card number to check out your book bag.

  5. What format(s) would you like?*

    Please choose at least one format.

  6. Fiction or Nonfiction?*

    As a reminder, fiction refers to made up or imaginary stories. Nonfiction covers real facts, events, or people.

  7. Favorite Genres & Topics

    Stumped? Choose from these popular genres and topics and we'll pick out some of our favorites!

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