Fire Rating (ISO)

September 2015

The City of Rio Rancho and Rio Rancho Fire Rescue (RRFR) received notice that their rating for providing structural firefighting services to the community and surrounding area was recently upgraded. The Insurance Service Office (ISO) routinely provides an evaluation and analysis of fire departments across the United States to assist insurance providers with a rating of the department’s ability to provide public fire protection. ISO rates departments on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the best. RRFR’s new ISO Class Rating is a 2.

ISO’s analysis of Rio Rancho is based on their Public Protection Classification (PPC) survey which is a process of a detailed evaluation of RRFR’s staffing, deployment, equipment, facilities, training, operations, and community risk reduction. In addition, the City’s ability to provide an adequate firefighting water source and dispatch/communication capabilities are also heavily weighted in the PPC survey.

The ISO PPC plays an important role in the underwriting process for insurance companies when determining policies for residential and commercial properties. According to ISO, receiving a lower rating may result in lower insurance prices, and data has shown that communities with a lower PPC rating generally experience lower fire loss.

ISO has evaluated and provided PPC ratings for over 48,000 communities across the country. In 2015 only 917 have received a rating of two, with less than 100 receiving a rating of one. Currently in New Mexico there are five departments with a 2 rating and only two with an ISO rating of 1. 

“We are proud to be in the top 2% of rated communities in the country. We look forward to utilizing this newest evaluation to continue our Department's improvement. The new designation should help in our recruitment of businesses to locate in our city,” said RRFR Fire Chief Michael Meek.

RRFR personnel, along with staff from the City’s water department and the Sandoval Regional Communications Center (emergency dispatch center) worked diligently to provide information to ISO for their data analysis.

Rio Rancho’s previous ISO classification was 3 and the new rating will take effect on December 01, 2015.