Campaign Finance Reporting

Reporting Requirements

The City of Rio Rancho requires all contributions and expenditures made in conjunction with the 2022 Municipal Officer Election to be reported.

Campaign Finance Reporting Guide

The Campaign Finance Guide contains instructions and reports necessary to report the financial activity associated with the election.

Campaign Finance Reports must be filed according to the schedule below:

Runoff Campaign Report -  3/21/22Runoff Campaign Report - 4/11/22  Runoff Campaign Report - 5/12/22
Bob TylerSubmittedSubmittedSubmitted
Joshua Antonio JonesSubmittedSubmittedSubmitted - Final

OfficeCandidate or Campaign Committee NameCandidate Campaign Committee Registration FormStatement of Economic InterestFirst Campaign Finance Report Due 1/18/22Second Campaign Finance Report Due 2/1/22Third Campaign Finance Report Due 2/28/22Fourth Campaign Finance Report Due 3/31/22 Biannual Reports
MayorJaclyn WilhiteRegistration FormStatement Economic InterestSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmitted Submitted - July
Submitted - Dec - Final

Barbara Ann JordanRegistration FormStatement Economic InterestSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmitted - July
Submitted - Dec

Greggory D HullRegistration FormStatement Economic InterestSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedClick Here

Municipal JudgeJonathan L MunizRegistration FormStatement Economic InterestSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmitted - July
Submitted - Dec

G Robert CookRegistration FormStatement Economic InterestSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmitted - FinalClick Here

Councilor District 2Jeremy Paul LenentineRegistration FormStatement Economic InterestSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedClick Here

Councilor District 3Clyde A WardRegistration FormStatement Economic InterestSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmitted

Submitted - Final

Bob TylerRegistration FormStatement Economic InterestSubmittedSubmittedSubmitted

See Runoff Reports Above
Click Here

Joshua Antonio JonesRegistration FormStatement Economic InterestSubmittedSubmittedSubmitted

Councilor District 5William Edward DunnRegistration FormStatement Economic InterestSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmitted - Final

Karissa D CulbreathRegistration FormStatement Economic InterestSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmittedClick Here

Campaign CommitteeRR Police & Dispatch AssociationRegistration FormN/ASubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmitted
Submitted - Final

IAFF Local 4877 PACRegistration FormN/ASubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmitted - Final

Grow RioRegistration FormN/AN/ASubmittedSubmittedSubmittedSubmitted - July 2022
Submitted - Dec 2022
Submitted - July 2023