Community Engagement

Community engagement programs at the City of Rio Rancho are geared toward educating citizens about how programs and services provided by their city government function. The goals of community engagement in Rio Rancho are to inspire citizens to become more involved in the community and to become more involved in government; to encourage the development of collaboration and partnership between citizens; and to transform residents into more engaged citizens, which will ultimately build a community that is more informed about local government and more invested in local issues.  

Get Involved

It's easy to support and get involved in local government!

Take part in a Community Engagement program

The City offers ongoing programs and trainings that seek to get citizens more involved in the community. 

  • Citizens' Academy: This 8-week program is offered every Fall and educates citizens about every department within the City of Rio Rancho and encourages citizens to participate in and learn about local government as much as possible. 
  • Citizens' Police Academy: This 11-week program is offered every Spring and offers citizens a greater understanding of all the services and programs within the Rio Rancho Police Department. 
  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training: These classes are offered every year and and train citizens on disaster preparedness, fire safety, disaster medical operations, and disaster psychology. 

Other Community Engagement programs

Check out all the ways Rio Rancho Fire and Rescue and Rio Rancho Police provide outreach to the community. 

Participate in local elections 

Know what's on a ballot and vote. When you vote, you have a direct impact on what decisions are made for the benefit of the community. Remember, decisions made at the municipal government level affect you on a daily basis. 

Go to a City Council meeting

Stay engaged with issues concerning you and your community by going to a City Council meeting or by watching meetings online

Follow City social media pages

The City has a number of Facebook and Twitter profiles and each one provides information about events and services. While you're following and liking, share and promote City policies and activities. 

Volunteer to be on a City board or commission

City boards and commissions range from Arts to Libraries to Planning and Zoning. Find something you are interested in and apply to be on a board or commission. 

Shop Locally

When you spend money in Rio Rancho, your money stays in Rio Rancho and goes toward supporting City services like libraries, parks, public safety, and roads. 

Report City issues on Report Rio Rancho

Download the City's non-emergency reporting system to your mobile device and report issues around the city such as potholes, graffiti, water leaks, illegal dumping, etc. 

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