Community Meetings

In order to get ideas and feedback from residents regarding how Rio Rancho should grow, the City held six public meetings in August 2018 and three meetings in December 2018. 

During the meetings, current chapters of the Comprehensive Plan and layout were introduced and a brief introduction was given about how the layout would change once the update was completed. Attendees were then asked to provide feedback about future growth by doing a Visioning Exercise. Some questions that were asked during the Visioning Exercise were: "What do you like about Rio Rancho?", "Imagine Rio Rancho in 20 years, what will be different from right now?", and "What do you want to see?"

5 Star Heights Community Center 1
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Residents had a lot of great ideas for what they envisioned the future of Rio Rancho looked like--from wanting more retail and dining options, to putting utilities underground, to having more public transportation options.