Public Defender Guidelines

Individuals who are charged with an offense, which includes jail time as a possible sentence and who meet financial indigence requirements may apply for a public defender to represent them at all phases of their criminal proceedings.

To apply the defendant must make an appointment by calling the probation department of the Municipal Court at (505) 891-5991. At that appointment the interviewer will complete an eligibility determination form with the defendant as well as review pertinent financial documents.

It is recommended that the defendant bring as many of the following as possible to the interview to assist in making a determination:

  • Copies of current bank statements (savings & checking)
  • Documentation of welfare or any aid received
  • Proof of rental or mortgage payment
  • Receipts for any outstanding obligations such as vehicle loan, child support, medical bills, utilities, etc.
  • Stocks, bonds or saving bonds including an estimate of current value
  • Monthly income pay stubs or statement from employer for one month
  • IRS papers filed for the past three years
If you reside with anyone, information on that person's employment and wages for one year.

The Municipal Court follows the State of New Mexico's guidelines for indigence, which is as follows