City Council District 5 Vacancy

Councilor Flor’s last day in office was October 10, 2020. Councilor Flor was appointed by Mayor Hull in August 2016 to a two-year term after former Councilor Shelby Smith resigned. She was elected in 2018 to a four-year term. She is resigning to focus on her family and raising her three young children. 

Pursuant to the city’s Charter, when a vacancy in a City Council seat occurs the Mayor shall appoint a qualified successor within 45 days of the vacancy, subject to Governing Body confirmation. If the Governing Body does not accept the Mayor’s appointment, the Mayor shall appoint another individual within 45 days, subject to Governing Body confirmation. The process of mayoral appointment and Governing Body consideration of the appointment continues until the Governing Body has confirmed an appointee of the Mayor to fill the position.

The deadline to submit an application for this vacancy was October 23, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.  

View map of District 5 boundaries.