Backflow Theft Prevention

Recently there have been several Rio Rancho businesses that have experienced theft of their backflow prevention assemblies or parts of those assemblies. Protect your property from these thieves. They seem to be targeting assemblies that are not locked in hotboxes. If this happens to you be sure to file a police report immediately.

Theft Prevention Tips:
  1. Wrap the assembly with a heavy chain and anchor the chain in concrete.
  2. Enclose the assembly in a cage or box and secure it with a lock. Anchoring the enclosures to the ground will add extra security, however, make sure that workers can gain access to the assembly for testing and repairs when necessary.
  3. Post a visible warning sign stating that theft of the assembly will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  4. Plant landscaping near the assembly to camouflage it.
  5. Build a small barrier wall to hide the assembly.
  6. Mark the assembly with a label or stamp denoting ownership.
  7. Paint the assembly with several coats of white paint. “Dirty” brass gets the thieves less money and they will look for those assemblies that are not painted.
  8. Install assemblies indoors.
  9. Report any suspicious activities to the police.

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