Weeds and Litter

The City removes weeds and litter from major arterial roads, such as Unser Boulevard, Northern Boulevard, and Southern Boulevard.  During early spring the City sprays a pre-emergent and in the summer after the rain begins, removes weeds. Regarding areas (Citywide) that receive weed removal from a Public Works Department weed crew, areas are programmed based on how heavily the streets are traveled, how much vegetative landscape exists, general visual impact for those traveling through the City, other needs/priorities, and available staff resources. In recent years, additional resources were prioritized in the City budget to hire an outside contractor to increase weed removal capabilities; however, at the peak season for weeds the City still struggles to keep up with needs and requests. This contractor focuses on major roadways such as Unser, Northern, NM 528, etc. Please understand that the City Staff tries their best; however, it can take up to six (6) weeks or more to remove the weeds around the City.  The City does not remove weeds or litter in residential areas; this is the responsibility of the property owner or HOA.

For service requests please use our Report Rio Rancho application. Please note that it can take up to six (6) weeks for the City to respond to these requests.

Weeds in Arroyos:

  • SSCAFCA areas are designated by a fenced in arroyo and most times a blue gate.The SSCAFCA gate PDF also has a contact number for SSCAFCA if there are any problems in the arroyo.
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