Meetings take place quarterly

In 2023, regular meetings are scheduled to take place on January 23, April 24, July 24 and October 23.  

The April 24, 2023 meeting is canceled due to lack of agenda items.

In 2023, special meetings related to Community Development Block Grant funding will take place on March 6 (6 p.m.)  and March 7 (6 p.m.) at City Hall.


Rio Rancho City Hall, 3200 Civic Center Circle at 6 p.m.

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To verify meeting dates and times, please check the city's online event calendar.


Dan Darnell

Rada Moss

Cynthia Spring

Abby Ward

Tommy Wright

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Capital Improvements Plan Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CIPCAC)

A citizens advisory committee to advise and assist the city in the preparation, implementation and update of the impact fees capital improvement plan (IFCIP). The IFCIP is a plan developed to support the creation of impact fees.

Specific duties and responsibilities include:

-Advise and assist the city in adopting land use assumptions (which includes a description of the service area and projections of changes in land uses, densities, intensities and population in the service area over at least a five-year period).

-Review the impact fee capital improvements plan and file written comments.

-Monitor and evaluate implementation of the impact fees capital improvements plan.

-File annual reports with respect to the progress of the capital improvements plan and report to the city any perceived inequities in implementing the plan or imposing the impact fee.

-Advise the city of the need to update or revise the land use assumptions, the  impact fee capital improvements plan and impact fees.


The CIPCAC shall consist of seven municipal residents who shall be appointed by the Mayor and approved and subject to confirmation by the Governing Body. Not less than 40% of the CIPCAC (three members) shall be representatives of the real estate, development or building industries, nor shall any member be an employee or official of a municipality, county or other governmental entity in accordance with the New Mexico Development Fees Act. No more than two members of the CIPCAC shall reside in the same City Council district. 

Members serve a three-year term.