Additional Inspection Information

Work shall not be done beyond the point indicated in the various inspections noted above. The building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing inspectors, upon notifications, shall make the requested inspections.

Any portions that do not comply, shall be corrected and such portion shall not be covered or concealed until authorized by the inspector.

Any change in construction that is not consistent with the approved plans shall require a resubmission of revised plans/construction drawings and approval by the City. Inspection approval shall not be conducted until such time that the City approves revised plans/construction drawings.

Inspection Notice Sheet

Work requiring a permit shall not begin until the permittee or his agent has posted or otherwise made available a notice sheet that will allow the inspectors to make the required entries thereon regarding inspection of the work. The notice sheet shall be maintained at the job site by the permittee until the appropriate inspectors have granted final approval.


A reinspection fee may be assessed for each inspection when such work is not complete, when corrections called for are not made, when the building is not accessible by the inspector, when the notice sheet is not properly posted on the job site, the approved set of plans are not readily available to the inspector on the job site or for deviating from plans requiring the approval of the Building Official or any other department.

To obtain a reinspection, the permittee shall pay the reinspection fee. In instances where inspection fees have been assessed, no additional inspections of the work will be performed until the required fees have been paid in full.

Certificate of Occupancy

After the building official inspects the building or structure for the final building inspection and finds no violations, the building official shall issue a certificate of occupancy. Under most circumstances, the certificate of occupancy is available from the Building Inspection Division to the permittee within twenty-four hours upon the completion of the final inspection.