The City offers an outstanding comprehensive and competitive benefits package designed to support employee health and well-being while also helping employees to prepare for a secure future. Current benefits for all full-time and part-time, benefitted employees include:

  Flexible/Hybrid Schedule Opportunities                  
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Flexible/Hybrid schedule opportunities are available for many positions across the City.  All requests are subject to operational needs and management approval.

Paid Holidays
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Employees of regular status will be paid for 12 holidays that have been set and approved by the Governing Body.

Paid Vacation & Sick Leave
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Full-time employees will receive 10+ days of vacation leave (based on tenure) and 12 days of sick leave each year. Prorated accruals for part-time employees.

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The City of Rio Rancho's Deferred Compensation and Roth IRA plans are supplementary retirement savings plans. These voluntary programs provide a resource for supplementing your City pension and building your financial security.

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The City of Rio Rancho offers medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance. The City pays 80 - 95% of the premiums for medical, dental and life insurance.

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Public Employers Retirement Association (PERA) administers the City's pension plan. PERA is a defined benefit plan. Every pay period, non-public safety employees pay only 2.913% of the employee's required contributions, and the City pays 8.738% of the employee's required contributions toward the employees retirement.

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At the City of Rio Rancho, employees are encouraged to use their knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve new career goals with challenging opportunities within the organization

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The City of Rio Rancho provides employees with the on-going opportunity to receive the education needed to facilitate the development of knowledge, skills and abilities related to job duties and growth to enhance their personal and professional development.

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The City of Rio Rancho offers counseling and access to other wellness services designed to assist employees and their household members to achieve improvements in both their physical and emotional health.

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Pre-tax dollars can be used to pay for select medical expenses, not covered by insurance, and/or child care expenses. The FSA is front loaded by the City and employee's salary reduction repays the City for the agreed amount over the remaining pay periods left in the fiscal year.

Discounted Tickets
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City employees may receive discounted rates and early access to purchase tickets for events held at the Rio Rancho Events Center.

Please refer to the FY 2024 Benefits Rate Sheet for additional details.

No Surprises Act

Starting July 1, 2022, the ‘No Surprises Act’ takes effect for the City’s medical plans. The ‘No Surprises Act’ is a federal law aimed at protecting consumers from “surprise” balance billing when an out-of-network medical provider sends a patient a bill for their services, beyond the amount the patient’s health insurance paid. 

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