Finalize Water Account

You may finalize your water/wastewater utility account per City Ordinance Chapter 51.Many customers assume that a new owner or tenant will put the water/wastewater utility account into their name, thus accepting financial responsibility.However, often times the new resident does not do this and you continue to be financially responsible for their usage.In order to avoid this it is best to finalize the account.The Utility Service Division will endeavor to act upon telephone, e-mail, or verbal orders to discontinue service.However, a written notice will be the only proof of notification in the event that there is a dispute over the account.

How to Finalize Your Account:

1. Complete the form below:
a. UT-UTS-01.05 (E) Final Account Request Form PDF
2. E-mail, Mail, or Fax the form.
a. Send an E-mail with the form name in the subject line.
b. Fax to: (505) 891-5204
  • Please include a cover page, any additional documentation, and a note on how many pages are include in the fax.

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